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Blogs are  ’web logs’ and they’re effectively an online diary or record of events. Blogs can be individual or group, where a number of people contribute. They can be used for example to keep a factual record or as a tool for reflection. For educational purposes they might be allied to a particular task or assignment and have specific learning outcomes associated with them. The material here will explain the nature of blogging, give you some ideas of how you or your students might use blogs in your teaching and give practical advice on how to set a blog up. There are also examples and case studies that show how blogs can be used in practice.

* Blogging (smart folder)
A collection of Blogging resources collated together using the tagging feature of Smart Folders

* How to blog in 5 minutes (152.3kb)
Provides an overview of how to use blogs for independent and collaborative learning

* How to use blogs to develop learning communities (142.7kb)
Provides an overview on how to use blogs to create a social network within StudyNet.

* How can I use blogs in my teaching? (177.3kb)
Provides an an overview of using blogs together with wikis to support learning.