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For webinars with your students we recommend using Conferences in Studynet where possible. However, if you find there are some limitations you need to over come Skype for Business could be the solution. On this page we have various resources available to you to help you in setting up your Skype for Business webinars to hints and tips of how you can use its features. 

For your reference 

Conferences/Big Blue Button

+ integrated into StudyNet

+ Simple and intuitive to use

- External guest speakers or attendees who are not UH members are not be able to join a conference

- Does not support cross module/programme conferences

- Recordings are limited for a period of two weeks before they are deleted



Skype for Business

- Not integrated with StudyNet

+/- Relatively simple to use

+ External guest speakers or attendees who are not UH members can join a conference

+ Support cross module/programme conferences

+/- Recordings are unlimited but must be uploaded elsewhere (StudyNet, Panopto, or YouTube etc)


Below you will see some guides that you can download to help you. This page will be updated regularly with further guides and videos on the more complex situations you may come across, so keep popping back to check.

For any further help and support that you may need please contact us at uhonlinesupport@herts.ac.uk

Skype for Business Setting Up and Joining Meetings.pdf (861.0kb)
A quick start guide with everything you need to get going with Skype for Business

Presenting Content and Other Key Features (943.2kb)
In this guide we look at managing permissions, managing attendee options and sharing various content types.

Student Quickstart Guide (558.3kb)
This document will guide students through installing Skype for Business, how to log in and how to join a meeting.